Friday, February 26, 2010


Alright so lately I've been wearing a lot of cheetah print. My Coach purse is gray cheetah, the shirt I wore yesterday was pink cheetah, the cardigan I wore last week is blue cheetah, obviously, I have a cheetah obsession. Now this may be going a bit above and beyond, but when one of my friends started playing around with this look, I was completely inspired to try it on my own! What is it? Cheetah print eyeshadow! Ok so I know its kind of overwhelming for an everyday look, but how fun would this be for a night out or a cool party?

You can use any colors to create this look, and it is surprisingly easy to do!

1. Apply any colors eyeshadow on lid, crease, and brow bone. Velvet-y looking eye shadows will work best, but shimmer ones look ok too. Use any technique you want, and feel free to use colors you wouldn't normally use for an every day look.

2. Sweep a black or dark brown liquid eyeliner across your lash line, and be a little more dramatic than you usually would. Wing out the ends, and on the bottom lid, sweep a little further in than you usually would, right to the edge of your tear duct.

3. Using a different colored eyeliner from the one you used before (and in pencil form), create small little "blobs" underneath your brow bone, not too far inwards.

4. Outline the "blobs" with a liquid eyeliner in crooked little half moons, and don't worry about being a little messy, this is not a "clean" look.

5. Enjoy looking fierce on your night out. Below are some products I recommend for this look.

Benefit Cosmetics Velvet Eyeshadow
I particularly like Dandy Brandy, Nice Melons, and Leggy for this look!

Liquid Eyeliner:
Layer "Midnight Cowboy" over a black or brown Stila Smudge Pot for a glittery, glamorous look!

Pencil Liner:
Any pencil liner will do, but I love the way that Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil glides on creamy and stays on all day.

*A note to end on---Don't forget to prime your lids, or else your cheetah print might smudge right off! I love Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

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