Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anastasia Brow Kit Review

This Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Element Brow Kit is a great tool kit for beginners. I never really do anything with my eyebrows, and happened to try out the kit at the makeup counter in Dillard's one day and was shocked by what a difference it makes!

I've always just made sure my eyebrows were kept tweezed and well groomed and left it at that, but this kit leaves you with a really nice polished look.
One of the main reasons I never really messed around with my eyebrows is because whenever I tried, I always felt like the brow shadow/liner/whatever left my eyebrows too dark and overstated. The shadow in this kit is just the perfect shade, with a darker tint to the right and a lighter tint to the left. I've used both on my brows and they each work just fine. I use the darker one with more dramatic makeup, and the lighter one for my everyday look. The stencils are really what make the huge difference. Try it out at your local department store, I know you'll love it!