Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bright Eyes

Lately I've seen a lot of bright, and even neon eye colors out there. While I don't necessarily support neon yellow eyeshadow, I do like the trend. I also think there is a better way to do it than slathering on your brightest Urban Decay Cream-Shadow and calling it a day.

Sunset eyes, and mermaid eyes are both a fun look that anyone can get away with.

Sunset Eyes

Sunset eyes can be achieved in just four steps.

1. Apply a golden or peach eyeshadow to the lid, and sweep up to the crease. Follow around the eye and under your bottom lash line. I like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Eldorado or Rush.

2. Use a deeper peach, or salmon colored shadow above the crease, making sure that you blend between the two shadows. I think the best color for this one is SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Mono Eyeshadow, in Lucky Penny 54, or Geisha Kiss 80.

3. Using the same golden or peach eyeshadow you used in the first step, apply above your "salmon" or "deep peach" color. Sweep up to the brow bone and apply a pearl colored shimmer to the top of your brow for a highlighted look. Glittering Sand 9, or Californian Blonde 10 from the SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Mono Eyeshadow work great for the pearl shimmer.

4. Apply a black pencil eyeliner to your bottom waterline, and rim the top of your eyes, as close to the lash line as possible, and as thin as possible. Apply a thickening mascara, and enjoy your gorgeous eyes! Makeup For Ever's Kohl Pencil in Black 01 works fantastic as your liner for this look.

Mermaid Eyes
(this picture is from Ashley is Boss's makeup blog, I do not own it, I did not take it, I just admired it)

Mermaid eyes are slightly more difficult than Sunset Eyes. The colors are darker, and the placement is different, but if you follow these steps it should be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Apply a pearlescent green eyeshadow over your entire lid, up to the crease.
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hypershadow in Sweetzer is perfect for this one!

2. Using a shimmering navy/medium blue, sweep from the outer corner of lid, making a small winged shape. Blend a little around the edges and between the two colors. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Dreamy Blue looks, well, dreamy with this mermaid look.

3. Apply a medium purple or dark lilac eyeliner below your bottom lashes, and on your waterline. Follow with a similar colored shadow on top of your eyeliner to give it a little extra staying power and a lot of extra "pop". Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Purple goes perfectly with Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Sadist.

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