Monday, May 2, 2011

Essie Nailpolish

"buy me a cameo" is a pretty nice, neutral pink by Essie. It's kind of a champagne-y rose color. Neutral enough, but not too boring. Unfortunately, it was very streaky for me, on both my fingernails and toenails. Maybe it was because I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was the contrast of the shimmer and the lightness of the shade, but it just ended up looking very, very streaky!
Overall though, I'd say it was very easy to apply, the brush wasn't too thick or too thin, it took only two coats, and so far (2 days in) I have no chips to speak of!
I'd give it 3 stars, out of five. If it weren't for the streaks it would have four, but alas... you can't always get what you want. Another thing was price. Sure, Essie isn't up there in price with Chanel nail polishes, but when you can get the same results from a 99 cent drugstore nail polish, it seems a little expensive.

UPDATE: I've tried several other shimmery Essie nail polishes, and they all seem to be streaky! The shimmer in them leaves shimmery little streaks following the brush pattern! So sad :( the colors are so pretty in the bottle but it just ends up looking like a streaky mess when you apply it! Any one else have this problem with shimmery Essie polishes? Or am I a little too OCD?

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  1. very pretty colour. I LOOOVVVEEE nailpolishes. Essie is definitely worth the money.

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