Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shout out to the best hairspray ever!

Yum! This hairspray, Aussie Instant Freeze, is not only great quality but it smells sooooooo good! Sweet and almost fruity with none of the alcohol-y weird hairspray smell that most hairsprays give.
I use it after straightening my hair to tame flyaways and keep my hair from falling flat. I have thick and poofy hair, but for some reason only at the bottom, so to get volume at the top and smoothness on the bottom I use this method of straightening:

1. Brush hair out and flip upside down
2. Straighten your hair as much as possible upside down, and don't worry about the parts the straightener won't reach.
3. Flip hair back up, and brush out again. Part hair where you normally part it, and now finish straightening. Focus on the hair near your roots, and the hair on the back of your head. Run the straightener through your ends one last time, and brush again.
4. Spray hair starting at the roots while pulling hair up and away from head. Let hairspray dry fully, then brush hair towards the back of your head. Let it fall naturally.
5. For extra volume, wrap hair in loose bun and pin at the crown of your head while doing makeup and getting dressed, then let down just before you walk out of the door.

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